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LUCI unveils immersion-on-demand (IOD) wearable LUCI immers and virtual reality (VR) wearable, alyx by LUCI at CES 2018.

Joyful Disruption through Immersion-on-Demand and VR Wearables


LUCI is an entertainment experience company committed to fundamentally changing how people consume content by breaking the limitations of current wearables and virtual reality hardware.

LUCI delivers moments of joyful disruptions that highlight the beauty of storytelling through deep, emotional content experiences.

LUCI immers is the first 4K ultra-HD immersion-on- demand headset that boasts an impressive 3,000+ PPI display for an immersive 3D and 4K entertainment experience.

Flexible, compact, and balanced featherweight design (185 grams) bring premium movie theater experience wherever the user desires – whether it’s laying down, sitting, or standing up.

LUCI immers

The First Immersion-on-Demand Wearable

The current limitations of VR hardware and software have led to the development of alyx by LUCI. 

Alyx is an all-in-one virtual reality (VR) wearable combining rigorous design and unmatched comfort with industry leading true 4K displays, high FOV, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Display quality so clear it is almost a window, not a screen.


alyx by LUCI

Second Generation of Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

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